Beyond storage: How to manage your data at scale

Data is an essential component of business processes across industries. More than ever before, data enables enterprises to understand customers’ needs, stay ahead of the competition, and achieve success in the dynamic world of business. The increasing importance of data, accelerating digitisation efforts, and growing IoT applications are causing exponential growth in data volume. Therefore, it is crucial to have the right technologies and tools in place to manage data and solve related IT challenges at scale.

The data needs of a modern enterprise reach beyond storage into data management and the creation of workflows and applications that can scale quickly and securely across hybrid cloud environments. Next-generation, data-driven applications will heavily rely on software-defined storage (SDS) solutions to store petabytes of data and leverage modern storage technologies. SDS is an architectural approach that decouples the storage hardware and software to deliver a simple, flexible, available, and cost-effective solution.

Thanks to this concept, data can be stored, managed and provided by Qumulo & HPE Solutions. In addition, SDS solutions can run on-premises or in the cloud, and security is guaranteed by default through various encryption schemes.

Characteristics of a modern data management solution

Modern organisations that draw value from large unstructured datasets require more than a storage solution; they need a high-performance data platform that can deliver fast, reliable and hardware-independent access to data. Data platforms can be seen as comprehensive solutions for ingestion, processing, interpretation, and exposure of data generated by various sources within an organisation and the external systems. In other words, these platforms transform business data so it can bring greater value to the business. For example, in a medical setting, the data platform defines how quickly the modalities from an MRI can be retrieved and a diagnosis made by a clinician.

Due to the increasing importance of data, the market is saturated with so-called “point solutions” that help organisations manage one or more parts of modern data workflows. Unfortunately, the integration of individual solutions is a challenging task and leads to siloed data management structures.

Next to ensuring that the data management platform eliminates siloed solutions, organisations need to prioritise the following characteristics:

  • Deployment
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Usability
  • Real-time visibility
  • Modern customer support & success
  • Integrated analytics

At the forefront of data management and storage platforms is Qumulo. Named Leader for the third year in a row in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, Qumulo’s solutions do much more than meet these characteristics. Let’s find out how.


Various deployment options are essential features of the platform as they allow you to optimise cost, performance, and flexibility. The data management platform should be deployable on-premises and should be cloud-native. In addition, the platform must support hybrid architectures with off-site and on-site storage options.

Qumulo provides enterprises with ease of provisioning and flexibility of storage location. With Qumulo, you can choose the best environment for deployment and the best technology stack for each application. In addition to running on major cloud providers’ platforms, Qumulo’s enterprise-grade, fault-tolerant file system runs on various hardware platforms, including HPE.


Due to the rate at which data is being generated, it is essential to have scalability built into the data management platform. The solution must be able to perform at today’s standard and, more importantly, adapt quickly to future growth. With Qumulo, you can easily scale from as little as 80TB to petabytes of data with billions of files serving thousands of users concurrently.


When it comes to the platform’s flexibility, it needs to suit the needs of your different use cases and those of separate departments. In addition, the platform must be easily extensible to add new functionalities. Qumulo constantly evolves to include new use cases and incorporate new technologies as they become available. This means your investment in Qumulo’s solution is future-proof. Qumulo provides continuous value to customers with new features that can be accessed with no additional charges (this means no unforeseen costs for new licenses, etc).

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility into data enables organisations to quickly identify instantaneous spikes and the long-term trends in data generation and consumption across the IT infrastructure. Visibility is important from two perspectives. First, it improves responsiveness and diagnostics in times of crisis, preventing internal finger-pointing and encourages ownership, all resulting in time and money-savings. Second, it enables demand prediction, leading to adaptive management of resources.

Qumulo provides real-time visibility into data and users. The tools allow you to quickly identify potential performance issues, such as massive spikes in demand.


A data management platform must be simple to deploy, configure and use. The data platform should not dictate which tools are used; instead, it should integrate well with the existing tools used within an organisation. In addition, the users should not need to install drivers and modify their regular workflows.

Qumulo appears invisible to regular users since they are using standard tools to interact with data. At the same time, the platform offers dedicated user interfaces for the system managers, and developers have complete control over the data through APIs and CLIs.

Integrated intelligence

Current innovations in machine learning and AI are enabling the benefits of data-driven insights. Therefore, your data management platform should offer these insights as a form of intelligent services.

Qumulo has a built-in intelligent data caching mechanism that lets you quickly access data that you will most likely need. In addition, Qumulo is at the helm of developing machine learning technology to deliver a solution with integrated intelligence that your organisation needs.

Final thoughts

With the right tools in place, you can manage data at scale with instant control to get more value and performance which, in turn, accelerates business outcomes. Qumulo has an exclusive partnership in Australia with HPE, and delivers unmatched, reliable file data management solutions. This means simplified file data deployment for you – now and in the future.

As your IT partner, we can answer your questions about Qumulo and how you can take advantage of the HPE solution. Reach out today to rethink your data management strategy.