5 IT choices that can immediately counter climate change

5 IT choices that can immediately counter climate change

5 IT choices that can immediately counter climate change

Building a green business is an important goal – but it doesn’t have to be purely altruistic. On average, environmentally-friendly businesses save more money, are more productive and have better overall reputations. In fact, 88% of consumers say they want businesses to be more environmental and ethical. It’s actually the basis for most of their purchasing decisions, too.

88% of consumers say they want businesses to be more environmental and ethical.

Whether you want to go all-in on creating a sustainable business or simply make a few eco-conscious changes around the office, these IT choices are a good entry point.

Engage in environmental purchasing

Going green at work starts with making informed purchases and spending in line with your environmental values. By doing business with sustainable companies and prioritising environmentally-focused IT equipment, individual companies can really move the needle on climate change.

The University of Queensland recommends this multi-step checklist when shoring up your purchasing options for sustainable electronics.

  1. Evaluate the sustainability of potential purchases through the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) system.
  2. Choose products that are ENERGY STAR designated.
  3. Check that equipment complies with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) core framework.
  4. Purchase from companies who use recycled materials in their electronics and packaging.
  5. Extend preference to sellers who offer end-of-life take backs.

Go digital

Leaning into digital tools and solutions is a green goal for many modern businesses.

For some, the easiest place to start is going paperless. Not only can it help your business save money and better safeguard your data, it also protects against dangerous deforestation.

The associated costs of using paper are estimated at 31 times the purchasing cost.

Considering that the associated costs of using paper are estimated at 31 times the purchasing cost, it also just makes good business sense. Looking to ease in? Start by signing up for ebills and investing in digital project management tools and document management systems. Nitro reports that 59% of organisations that do invest in paperless document management realise a complete ROI in less than a year.

Turning your brick and mortar business into an online store is another eco-conscious option. Not only does it reduce consumption of natural resources like water, electricity and natural gas, it also decreases vehicle emissions by lessening the number of drivers going back and forth to your storefront.

Embrace IoT

Before you know where to cut back on energy consumption, sometimes you need to know where you’re overusing. That’s where The Internet of Things (IoT) can help.

Using IoT sensors and devices can help businesses automate their green routine by continuously monitoring usage and flagging performance abnormalities, as well as alerting users about maintenance issues.

Choose green web hosting

Feel like you’re doing a good job of keeping things sustainable in-office? What about the energy drain your business might be unknowingly contributing to with its web presence?

Over a billion websites are hosted on servers worldwide. Many of these run on fossil fuels and waste unthinkable amounts of energy. No wonder, Sustainable Business Toolkit reports that the internet produces almost as much pollution as the airline industry.

Choosing a green web hosting company can help counteract this overconsumption. How it works: “Green web hosting companies purchase renewable energy credits to offset the energy used by your website, making your website carbon-neutral or even carbon negative!”

Recycle your old tech

We’ve hit a new global milestone: 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of electronic waste generated worldwide in 2019. According to the UN’s Global E-waste Monitor 2020, that’s a 21% jump in just the last five years. By 2030, that tonnage is expected to double.

Businesses who want to do their part should work with a certified e-waste recycler. They ensure that as you phase out old equipment and invest in new technology, the usable components get repurposed for other machines or responsibly upcycled – and stay out of oceans and landfills.

Why not take it a step further and obtain an e-waste recycling certification from NSF International so you can do the recycling yourself?

These eco-strategies prove that greening your IT choices and products can lessen your business’ impact on the environment without increasing your operational costs. In fact, going green actually helps you save some green. Plus, being a good environmental steward is really the ultimate perk.

Performance leadership to drive business results

Performance leadership to drive business results

HPE ProLiant servers provide customers with proven building blocks to accelerate digital transformation and offer validated solutions matched to the customer’s demanding workload needs. HPE ProLiant is built upon HPE’s demonstrated leadership in server quality, standards compliance, rigorous hardware validation testing, and performance.


higher CPU performance via additional/improved cores with Intel® 3rd Generation Scalable processors¹


world records for HPE ProLiant servers using 2nd and 3rd Generation AMD EPYC processors²


World record data-centric benchmarks³


  • 1-click workload configuration and optimisation with HPE Workload Matching
  • Monitor and optimize performance in real-time with HPE Workload Performance Advisor
  • Optimise workload placement in the hybrid cloud with HPE Right Mix Advisor
  • Secure systems while in transit with HPE Server Configuration Lock
  • Unmatched BIOS and firmware validation with HPE Silicon Root of Trust
  • Quickly restore compromised servers with HPE Server System Restore
  • Monitor and manage servers anywhere with HPE iLO 5
  • Comprehensive software-defined capabilities with HPE OneView
  • AI-driven, automated management with HPE InfoSight
  • Simple end-of-life data removal with HPE One Button Secure Erase


HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers will continue to ship alongside its newer Gen10 Plus servers, and continue to offer customers a lower-cost solution, where increased performance and capability of Gen10 Plus is not required. HPE’s newest addition to the HPE ProLiant family, Gen10 Plus, has been developed to provide the highest performance available for customers who need increased CPU performance, greater memory capacity, or extended system security

HPE ProLiant Gen10

  • Desire budget-conscious solution
  • Highest performance not required
  • Need 4x 1GbE embedded on system board
  • Self-maintain with single drive carrier spare strategy
  • Not ready to qualify new server models

HPE ProLiant Gen10

  • Highest performance required (more CPU cores, greater I/O bandwidth with PCIe Gen4 [double Gen3], higher-performing [and more] memory, improved storage with latest storage controllers)
  • Extended system security with Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and Total Memory Encryption (TME)
HPE Pointnext for Digital Transformation

HPE Pointnext for Digital Transformation

When businesses don’t adapt to new data sources, business models, and threats, they can’t compete. Digital transformation hinges on being flexible—always staying ahead of what’s next. With HPE’s heritage and strength in infrastructure/technology, partner ecosystems and the end-to-end lifecycle experience, HPE Pointnext Services provides powerful, scalable IT solutions for your business.


Let the experts from HPE Pointnext Services tailor a digital transformation strategy that not only meets your business and IT needs, but accelerates your time to delivery.

Storage Data Migration Service

 ✅ Migrate to HPE Nimble Storage, HPE Primera or HPE 3PAR

 ✅ Local SP resources (except for Phone Support SKU)

– Remote service delivery using Local South Pacific resources

– On-site delivery will require custom Statement of Work

 ✅ Building block migration strategy

 ✅ Same migration SKUs to use for all HPE Storage equipment

 ✅ HPE will determine/ recommend the appropriate migration methodology to use

– HPE Peer Motion is used as the data migration method

– Except when an Appliance is needed.



Up to # of Servers

Max # of Source Array/s

Up to # sites

HR2L6A1 HPE Data Migration 5 Server Base SVC




HR2L7A1 HPE Data Migration 10 Server Base SVC




HR2L8A1 HPE Data Migration 50 Server Base SVC




HR2L9A1 HPE Data Migration 100 Server Base SVC




HR2M0A1 HPE Data Migration 250 Server Base SVC




HL3P5A1 HPE Data Migration Addon 10 Server SVC

Addon 10 Servers

Pre-requisite Base SKUs: HR2L7A1 (10), HR2L8A1 (50), HR2L9A1 (100), HR2M0A1 (250) .
HL3P6A1 HPE Data Migration Addon 50 Server SVC

Addon 50 Servers

Pre-requisite Base SKUs: HR2L8A1 (50), HR2L9A1 (100), HR2M0A1 (250)..



Up to # of TBs (using an appliance)

HL3P7A1 HPE Data Migration Appliance 25TB SVC

25 TBs

Pre-requisite Base SKUs: HR2L7A1 (10), HR2L8A1 (50), HR2L9A1 (100), HR2M0A1 (250).
HL3P8A1 HPE Data Migration Appliance 100TB SVC

100 TBs

Pre-requisite Base SKUs: HR2L7A1 (10), HR2L8A1 (50), HR2L9A1 (100), HR2M0A1 (250).

With decades of experience helping organisations transform, support, and operate their IT, our expertise is at the sweet spot where business meets technology. And as the leader in as-a-service approach, we help organisations take advantage of cloud economics with agility and scalability and a pay-for-what-you-use model.

Secure Small Office Deployment with HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus

Secure Small Office Deployment with HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus

Secure Small Office Deployment with HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus

HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus delivers an affordable compact yet powerful entry level server that you can customise for on premises, hybrid cloud or even workloads demanding data-centre performance. It is the most compact MicroServer that we have launched so far, which can be placed flat or vertically depending on your space. The latest Intel Xeon® E and Pentium® processors supported to deliver compute performance as well as security and remote management into the server with HPE iLO silicon root of trust. Along with other enhancements such as 4x 1GbE onboard NICs and USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A, whether you want a general purpose server, NAS or even a virtualisation server, you will be surprised at how much you can get out of this small and affordable server.


Product Specification

Processor Type Intel
Processor Family Intel® Xeon® E-2200 series, Intel® Pentium® Processor
Maximum Memory 32 GB with 16 GB DDR4 UDIMM
Memory Slots 2
Memory Protection Features Unbufferred ECC
Drive Supported 4 NHP LFF SATA HDD or 4 NHP SFF SATA SSD
Processor Core Available 2 to 4 core, depending on processor
Processor Cache Installed 4 to 8 MB L3, depending on processor
Processor Name Intel® Xeon® E-2200 series, Intel® Pentium® Processor
Processor Number 1
Processor Speed 3.8 GHz, maximum depending on processor
Memory Type HPE DDR4 Standard Memory
NVDIMM Capacity N/A
Power Supply Type 180W external power adapter
Expansion Slots 1x 16 PCIe Gen3 Slot
Network Controller Ethernet Controller 4-ports per controller
Storage Controller 1 HPE Smart Array S100i
Form Factor MicroServer
Warranty Standard Statement Server Warranty includes 1-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor, 1-Year Onsite support with next business day response. Warranty repairs may be accomplished through the use of Customer Self Repair (CSR) parts. These parts fall into two categories: 1) Mandatory CSR parts are designed for easy replacement. A travel and labor charge will result when customers decline to replace a Mandatory CSR part, 2) Optional CSR parts are also designed for easy replacement but may involve added complexity. Customers may choose to have Hewlett Packard Enterprise replace Optional CSR parts at no charge. 3) Non CSR parts must be serviced by a trained authorised service engineer. Additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support is available at: http://h17007.www1.hpe.com/us/en/enterprise/servers/warranty/. NOTE: Warranty does not cover support for ClearOS. Support for ClearOS is provided by ClearCenter.
Weight (imperial) 9.33 lb
Weight (metric) 4.23 kg
Product Dimensions (imperial) 4.58 x 9.65 x 9.65 in
Product Dimensions (metric) 11.6 x 24.5 x 24.5 cm
Instant Asset Write-Off (IAWO)

Instant Asset Write-Off (IAWO)

How your business should be using the Instant Asset Write-Off

The government’s latest extension to the instant asset write-off (IAWO) tax concession continues the good news for small and medium businesses.

Details of the concession

In effect, there are now two overlapping asset write-off schemes in place – IAWO and ‘temporary full expensing’ – and small and medium businesses qualify for both. It means that the total cost of new assets can be written off as a tax deduction in the financial year in which they were first purchased and/or installed ready for use.

The details for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 tax years are:

IAWO – New assets costing up to $150,000 each, purchased between 1st July 2020 and 31st December 2020, can be fully written off in the current tax year if first used (or installed and ready to use) before 30th June 2021.

Temporary full expensing – New assets purchased from 7th October 2020 (i.e. after the federal budget announcement) can be fully written off in the financial year they were installed and ready to use. There is no upper limit on cost, and the concession applies until 30th June 2022.

The cost of improvements to existing assets can also be fully expensed – as well as second-hand assets if your annual turnover is under $50 million.

In simplified terms, small and medium businesses can rely on IAWO for assets purchased between 1st June and 6th October 2020, and temporary full expensing for assets purchased between 7th October 2020 and 30th June 2022.

The perfect opportunity to invest in your IT infrastructure

With new ways of working and dramatically shifting consumer behaviours, there is now a greater need than ever for businesses to overhaul their existing IT infrastructure and make sure it’s helping, not hindering, your business goals.

Keeping ageing IT infrastructure may seem like a low-cost option, however there are hidden costs which must be accounted for when doing the cost vs. benefit analysis on IT investments. Legacy IT can hamper your ability to deploy new applications, drain your IT resources time, increase the risk of downtime and loss of productivity and increase your risks of security vulnerabilities.

Studies have found as many as over 90 percent of people said that they would consider taking their business elsewhere when dealing with a company that uses outdated technology.

With the Government Incentives currently in place, there has never been a better time to upgrade. We can help you find the best solution to help you overcome your challenges and reach your business goals.

We can help with your IT refresh

There’s still time to take advantage of the Instant Asset Write Off Scheme, ending on June 30th. We can help with identifying your IT needs and aligning your business with the best fit solution. Contact us today to make sure your business takes full advantage of this limited time government incentive.

We’re here to help you navigate your next chapter, with an affordable modern IT environment that works for your business. Contact us now for an obligation free discussion.

Artificial Intelligence for autonomous infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence for autonomous infrastructure

Your business can’t afford any disruptions or delays. And you want nothing more than to spend less time on infrastructure. However, the complexity inevitably leads to unexpected problems and your days, nights, and weekends consumed taking care of infrastructure.

The End of application disruption and wasted time

You want to move your business forward, but you keep getting held back. As infrastructure becomes increasingly vital and complex, you know this hands-on approach won’t work anymore. That’s why you keep asking yourself:

  • How can I ensure non disruptive availability for my applications?
  • How can I optimise my ever-changing workloads?
  • How can I tune my infrastructure for better performance?
  • How can I stop the firefighting?

Now there’s an answer. It’s called HPE InfoSight.

Unparalleled intelligence for every data centre

HPE InfoSight is the industry’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence for infrastructure. Every second, it collects and analyses millions of sensors from systems across the globe. Since 2010, it has analysed more than 1,250 trillion data points and saved enterprises more than 1.5 million hours of lost productivity


of issues automatically predicted and resolved 1


less time managing problems 2


of problems resolved are beyond storage 3

Bringing autonomous infrastructure within reach

HPE InfoSight uses the power of cloud-based machine learning to drive Global Intelligence and insights for infrastructure across servers, storage, and virtualised resources. The platform radically simplifies IT operations by predicting and preventing problems across the infrastructure stack and making decisions that optimises application performance and resource planning.


systems connected in the cloud4


trillion data points analysed since 20105


million hours saved with predictive analytics6

Learn more about HPE InfoSight

1,2,3Based on HPE Nimble Storage’s installed base 4Based on HPE Storage and Servers connected to HPE InfoSight, October 2019 5,6h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/Getdocument.aspx?docname=A00058506ENW