Cisco Small Business Routers

Highly secure network access for small businesses

Securely connecting your small business to the outside world is as important as connecting your internal network devices to one another. Cisco Small Business Routers offer virtual private networking (VPN) technology, so your remote workers can connect to your network through a secure Internet pathway.

What are Routers?

Very simply, routers connect your business to the outside world. Where switches connect devices to other devices in your office, routers connect networks to other networks, including the Internet. They may be called different things – routers, VPN firewalls, or gateways – but, ultimately, they enable your employees to share a single external connection. Routers can enable you to securely connect two offices and allow staff working remotely to connect to your network. They may also include other features to help keep your business secure.

Why choose Cisco routing technology?

Only Cisco offers such a broad range of choices for connecting your business to the world. Whether your needs are simple or more sophisticated, Cisco routing solutions deliver business-class features that you will want to make part of your network foundations.

Features and benefits

Highly secure VPN access

Keep your remote workers secure with access for five to 100 workers, depending on your needs.

Comprehensive security

Built-in firewalls, advanced encryption, and authentication features protect against external threats, keeping your assets safe.

Easy installation

Our browser-based configuration gets you connected quickly.

The heart of our solution is a Cisco Small Business core network, which delivers reliable, secure data communications. It includes built-in security, enabling our customers to create separate, secure networks for each of their clients and create secure VPN connections. The features made it very easy to make Cisco the final choice.

– Austin Smith, founder of Digital Son, a Cisco Partner

Deliver exceptional routing performance

Build a resilient, highly secure routing infrastructure.
Enable high availability and less risk with services for routing solutions.