Flexibility To Connect Any Experience, Anywhere

Flexibility To Connect Any Experience, Anywhere.

One of the biggest challenges with utilising cellular connectivity is getting the signal itself to where it’s needed. For most enterprises, geographical cellular coverage is not the issue. The challenge is usually with signal strength where the networking equipment is located. More often than not, this tends to be a network closet or server room deep inside a building, where cellular reception is likely to be poor or sporadic at best.

Smart, Secure and Flexible Wireless WAN from Meraki

The MG Cellular Gateway is a brand new Meraki product line that takes a cellular signal and transforms it into a wired Ethernet connection that can then be propagated down to the rest of a network via a router. Meraki MG cellular gateways are IP67 rated, meaning they can be optimally positioned, indoors or outdoors, to receive maximum signal strength. Cellular signal from MGs is delivered to the rest of the network via an Ethernet cable which experiences zero signal loss even over larger distances. Ethernet delivery also means that MG can be paired with any router on the market downstream to provide another uplink for SD-WAN or as a failover/primary link.


Roll out new locations, modernise infrastructure, and connect remote sites in no time.


Extend connectivity anywhere and upgrade or replace legacy systems.


Secure mission-critical operations with resilient backup connectivity via Meraki MX.

Unite Your Network. Delight Your Customers.

Meraki MX Router

Meraki MR Access Point

Meraki MV Smart Camera

Easily pair Meraki cellular gateways with MX SD-WAN to empower a hybrid workforce, and pair with MR, MV, or MT to build smart spaces. Manage them all on one platform to deliver an elevated customer experience. Get the best cellular experience with Meraki MG.