Real-time visibility into physical environments made simple

Data has always been an important tool for businesses, and the ways in which data is gathered, analysed, and used is rapidly transforming in an increasingly remote environment. Businesses are being challenged to adapt quickly due to the ongoing pandemic and are turning to data to help improve efficiency across the organisation. As more workforces are becoming distributed and remote, having the ability to automate data collection is essential.

The use of sensors can provide insight into current environmental conditions, helping to ensure critical infrastructure continues to function, without someone having to be physically on-site. Meraki MT is a family of environmental sensors that provide remote visibility and monitoring to help protect assets and facilities 24/7.

Simplifying sensors with Cisco Meraki

The ability to have constant visibility into your site and network has a positive impact on your overall bottom line. 86% of businesses say that the cost of network downtime is more than $300,000 per hour; and nearly 35% say it is more than $1 million per hour1. Organisations can also use Meraki MT sensors to:

Improve employee safety and efficiencies by preventing unnecessary site visits and reducing employee movement throughout facilities.

Reduce OpEx through automating data collection and lower CapEx by avoiding premature equipment failure.

Improve customer satisfaction by reducing unplanned network outages and operational downtime.

Peace of mind via business resiliency

Remote monitoring and flexible alerting give you control over your environment. Ensure optimal conditions to maximise uptime, minimise loss and digitally transform your organisation.

Gain value in less time

Quickly provision and manage thousands of environmental sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, leaks, and intrusion. Simply insert the batteries and add to the dashboard. MT environmental sensors automatically connect to existing MR and MV devices. Say goodbye to on-premise servers, dedicated gateways, and management software.

Drive smarter decisions with analytics

Understand trends about your physical environment. Increase HVAC efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, minimise inventory loss or prevent downtime of business-critical assets via data-driven intelligence. Build on top of the Meraki platform using APIs or the vast ecosystem partner community and further optimise workplace operations.

Secure IoT devices seamlessly

Each Meraki MT environmental sensor features a Trust Anchor module (TAm), which securely authenticates the device and encrypts all communication with the sensor gateways. Combined with automated firmware updates, Meraki MT environmental sensors pack a powerful security punch in a smart package.

Harness the power of Meraki Platform

Cisco is committed to creating work environments that can be remotely monitored to increase efficiencies and improve employee safety. Learn more about Meraki MT Sensors.