Scalable IoT Deployments: From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Scalable IoT Deployments: From Little Things, Big Things Grow



The number of connected devices is growing rapidly, with the Internet of Things (IoT) enabling businesses to improve operations, marketing, and customer service while using fewer resources and saving money.

Many IoT applications require wide bandwidth, low latency and performant network connectivity after the proof-of-concept phase to transfer and integrate data. Businesses are often used to configuring a few devices on “plug and play” wireless networks. However, not all networks are designed with IoT in mind, and scaling from 100 to hundreds of thousands of sensors is not straightforward. Adopters often have difficulty scaling a solution. 

IoT is frequently used to transform businesses, generate new business models, and disrupt whole industries. Aruba is the industry leader in wired, wireless and security networking solutions for today’s experience edge. Aruba’s network solutions can grant scale and mitigate hurdles in IoT projects. This article explores the effectiveness of Aruba solutions in large-scale IoT efforts. 

Case Study: Golden State Warriors Stadium 

Chase Center, home of the Golden State Warriors and host to countless music and cultural events, is technologically equipped with leading solutions from HPE and Aruba. The whole estate exemplifies how IoT can improve customer experiences, while recovering from the pandemic and re-engaging the community. 

The data centre is the core of the building, powering the visitor and employee experience. The Command Center oversees over 1,100 televisions, 36 restaurants, 9,500 square feet of LEDs, and the NBA’s largest visual board. Over 7,500 edge devices, including Aruba WiFi 6 access points, point of sale registers, IP-TV displays, building management devices, security cameras, lighting controls, and VOIP telephones, distribute and collect data throughout the whole campus. 

The network is comprised of an Aruba core and edge switches. Aruba Bluetooth low-energy beacons allow location services within a mobile app, while ClearPass Policy Manager secures the network and authenticates users and devices. Aruba AirWave delivers real-time operational telemetry, which is essential on an event day. 

The solution significantly impacts growth and engagement. The Golden State Warriors now have a rapid, versatile, and responsive IT infrastructure with the capacity for growth enabled by HPE and Aruba. The structure is a great example of how to start small and scale IoT technology to meet growing company demands. 

Case Study: Disney theme parks 

When people visit Disney parks, one thing they’re sure to love is the engaging guest experience – but they may not realise how much IoT technology contributes.

Disney parks aim to provide each guest with the most immersive experience possible, allowing them to become a part of the story. Disney is continuously implementing new approaches and processes to understand better what is happening at various park locations. Large volumes of data are collected to closely monitor the condition of the attractions. One of the main components enables Disney to link several data streams. Because everything is interconnected, Disney can offer more interesting and immersive consumer experiences. 

The happiest place on the planet is also one of the most connected. Aruba WiFi infrastructure and IoT solutions have been used at Disney resorts to improve employee and visitor experiences by providing connection, security, and bridging the digital and physical worlds.

Numerous Disney properties are using Aruba’s solutions to improve on-site operations. Disney uses Aruba’s location-ready access points, ClearPass for wireless authentication and secure access, Airwave for network administration, and Aruba ALE (Analytics and Location Engine).

Aruba’s WiFi infrastructure makes processes at Disney resorts more efficient and effective. Aruba’s Edge Services Platform (ESP) offers parks an open networking solution that interacts seamlessly with ecosystem partners and provides a single point of management and configuration for all parks and resort areas. 

The large-scale implementation at Disney parks demonstrates the agility and scalability of IoT and how it can be used to assist businesses of all sizes. 


To serve as a platform for addressing future business objectives, IoT solutions should be scalable and adaptive. The Aruba solutions used in the Chase Center and Disney examples above are extremely scalable and extensible to support a variety of use cases, from a small network of devices to a large web. 

IoT is driving innovation across many industries, and when businesses transition from a prototype IoT project to full-scale production, they should ensure their infrastructure is sufficient. Rather than investing in a separate overlay network to aid employee safety, customer experiences, or other IoT use cases, businesses can instead use a single platform. 

A separate overlay network isn’t required if you invest in Aruba’s unique access points, which support Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi 6. If a new protocol is required, Aruba WiFi 6 APs include a USB port where a dongle can be plugged in. When APs support various protocols, they can communicate more effectively with app-enabled services such as automated door locks and climate controls. This improves both the consumer and staff experience. Contact us, your IT partner, to learn how Aruba and HPE can help start or scale your IoT initiative.