Simple and effective protection for your network

Simple and effective protection for your network

What if you could protect every user on your Cisco Meraki network effortlessly? That’s the power of integrating Cisco Meraki and Cisco Umbrella. You can instantly secure every user, app, and device on and off your Meraki network, with no added latency or additional appliances required.

Security made simple

Ensuring your users, employees, and customers have exceptional network experiences is key to growing your business. By focusing on connectivity and security, while making decisions based on intelligence, you can deliver experiences that matter. Empower your hybrid workforce and create smarter spaces with the help of best-in-class technologies to help you optimise everything for people, places, and things.

Three ways to simplify security in the cloud

Meraki MR

The world’s first enterprise-grade line of 100% cloud-managed wireless access points.

  • Manage your IT infrastructure from a centralised dashboard
  • Provides visibility into application, device, and usage statistics
  • No controller hardware to install or maintain

Meraki MX

An enterprise security & SD-WAN appliance 100% cloud-managed for distributed deployments.

  • Provide visibility into networked clients, bandwidth consumption, and usage stats
  • Built-in IPS, Malware Protection, and URL Content Filtering
  • Simplest VPN and SD-WAN solution on the market

Cisco Umbrella

A secure internet gateway that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet.

  • Protection against threats like malware, ransomware, & C2 callbacks with no added latency
  • Visibility into internet activity across all locations and users.
  • No hardware to install or software to manually update.

Benefits of Umbrella and Meraki integration

Prior to the Meraki MR and Umbrella integration, management of our proxy server environment spanned two departments and was a challenge to troubleshoot and support when issues arose. After the Umbrella integration, we are able to use allow list policies applied to specific networks allowing us granular control over host activities, all managed from a single dashboard. We have also been able to save money on server software and license renewal costs.

Marcus Trainer, Director of Network Operations
System Administrative Services

Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Meraki

Get reliable network coverage and security protection, fast. Cisco Umbrella integrates with Cisco Meraki MR and MX in a number of ways. It’s the fastest and easiest way to secure your Meraki network against internet threats. Combine with 100% business uptime from Umbrella, for reliable protection you can count on.

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