Smarter Workspaces. Epic Experiences.

Smarter Workspaces. Epic Experiences.

Like business complexes, schools, and data centres, smart spaces also need firm foundations. But unlike your building’s foundation, which is designed to be solid and immovable, the framework for your smart space is strongest when founded in the cloud—decentralised, agile, scalable, and secure.

Meraki has always lived in the cloud.

Smarter, Happier People Everywhere

Nurture employee and visitor well-being, security, and health with Meraki technology. Our cloud-first, API-driven IoT technologies transform yesterday’s static office buildings into today’s adaptable hubs of collaboration.

Improving usage of space results in more satisfied and productive employees.

Tracking assets provides valuable new insight into equipment usage and location

Responding rapidly to changes in how spaces are used creates new opportunities and benefits.

Experience the Power of Meraki Smart Spaces Bundles

Easily deliver intuitive smart space experiences everywhere for guests, employees, and students, with advanced IoT technologies.

Better insight into footfall trends via heatmaps utilising MV smart cameras and MR access points

Personalised communications that delight employees and customers as a result of Wi-Fi location analytics and Meraki partners

Protect people, places, and critical IT infrastructure through MT sensors that offer real-time visibility and alerts

For a limited time only, enjoy up to 60% discount on Meraki wireless access points (MR) when bundled with at least 5 qualifying Meraki sensors (MT) or Meraki smart cameras (MV).

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