The next evolution in cloud convergence

The next evolution in cloud convergence

Network security is no longer confined to the data centre. As security shifts to the cloud, the tried-and-true perimeter-based model just can’t keep up. Today’s cybersecurity professionals are contending with an entirely new type of network and an entirely new set of security needs — now more than ever, they need a new way to keep users, data, and devices safe from threats.

The future: connect, control, converge

In this new paradigm, IT requires a simple and reliable approach to protect and connect with agility. This is forcing a convergence of network and security functions closer to users and devices, at the edge — and is best delivered as a cloud-based, as-a-service model called secure access service edge (SASE).

Features and benefits

Connect your workforce to applications seamlessly

Control access through simplified security and policy enforcement

Converge networking and security functions to meet multi-cloud demands at scale

New network, new security challenges

SASE (pronounced “sassy”) offers an alternative to traditional data centre–oriented security, with a new type of cloud-based architecture that brings together networking and security services in one unified solution. This converged network and security solution is designed to deliver strong secure access from edge to edge — including the data centre, remote offices, roaming users, and beyond. By consolidating a variety of network and security functions in one service that can be deployed anywhere from the cloud, SASE can provide better protection and faster performance, while reducing the cost and work it takes to secure the network.

SASE your way with Cisco Umbrella

Cisco continues to invest in Cisco Umbrella, the heart of their SASE architecture. It already combines multiple security functions in a unified cloud-native service — delivering the protection you need, anywhere users work, supported by an industry-leading global cloud architecture.

Start your SASE journey

Whether you’re looking to onramp to a cloud architecture, securely connect users who can’t come to the office, or move security from on prem to the cloud, Cisco can help.