Wi-Fi 6: The next generation of wireless

Wi-Fi 6: The next generation of wireless

Another new amendment to the Wi-Fi standard! Every new generation of Wi-Fi brings an opportunity to pause and consider the transformational changes that will be affecting us in the coming years. Today, Wi-Fi networks already experience bandwidth-intensive media content and multiple Wi-Fi devices per user. Moving forward, networks will face a continued dramatic increase in the number of devices, a tripling of the total global IP traffic, and a diverse range of new technologies that will all heavily rely on Wi-Fi.

Evolution of Wi-Fi

Since 1999, Wi-Fi has evolved rapidly to provide significantly higher throughput and performance. The development of the 802.11ax amendment started in 2013, as a group of technical experts came together to discuss the challenges that Wi-Fi might face in coming years. The task group discussed problem statements and solutions, ultimately outlining the requirements for Wi-Fi 6, also known as High Efficiency WLAN. This new generation of Wi-Fi will be intelligent enough to enable the dense and pervasive wireless environments of the future.

High-density Wi-Fi, both indoors and out

Cisco Meraki’s latest Wi-Fi technology provides higher performance and greater efficiency than ever before – even in environments with high client density, like schools

Sophisticated performance monitoring and protection

With automated Wi-Fi channels, simple multi-site management and wireless intrusion prevention, Cisco Meraki’s wireless technology is easy to manage and secure at scale.

Rich analytics for a better experience

Cisco Meraki’s smart access points provide valuable insights about client devices – helping to identify bottlenecks or build custom location-aware software solutions.

Unmatched visibility

Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based dashboard provides total visibility into a network’s users, their devices and their applications. This provides the ability to quickly create access control and application usage policies that optimise both the end-user experience and network security.

Smarter analytics

Cisco Meraki’s location analytics and reporting features provide real-time statistics to help you better understand foot traffic, and improve customer engagement and loyalty across sites.

Next-generation Wi-Fi Products

A complete range of Wi-Fi 6 models – with multigigabit technology – to allow you to optimise wireless access points for a seamless user experience, with faster connections, greater user capacity and more coverage.

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