The recent unprecedented circumstances are threatening businesses in every industry and interrupting essential daily business requirements. HILLS Limited have created multiple COVID-19 solutions which we have added to our current offerings.

Automated Fever Detection

As standard, the thermal imaging technology will show a heat map of each person entering the facility. The 45° lens will allow simultaneous scanning of either 2 or 3 people at one time, dependant on social distancing requirements. A person being scanned will need to approach the camera briefly, at about 2-3M from the camera, before moving on. This technology will work very well for a manned entry point, where high-temperature readings can be detected immediately and acted upon.

In the event that an entry point is unmanned, a colour lens module can be added to the camera, which overlays thermal imaging with video footage of each individual. This allows for remote monitoring of an entry; depending on how you would like the workflow to roll out. A phone call or text message can be sent alerting them to the high-temperature reading, and an app on the staff member’s smartphone will show a still image of the person so that they know exactly who they are looking for. If the app is open, alerts can be sent directly to the staff member’s device.

The workflow solution associated with the HillsTrak workM8 Camera Services is completely customisable and is camera agnostic, so it can be implemented with an existing system. At it’s simplest, the app allows a range of actions to be taken if a high-temperature reading is recorded, including the ability for a staff member to accept or reject the task to trace the person, with alert escalation following. The app also includes the facility to complete a manual checklist with a person recording a high temperature, which can be used for regulatory compliance purposes. The system can also be configured to talk to an existing third party system, such as access control to allow doors to be shut in the event that a high temperature is recorded, or alerts can be pushed out to any other required systems within a facility. 

The HillsTrak workM8 Camera Services video analytics system provides a range of high value integrated services, using AI learning technology and complex workflow. This includes facial image recognition, people counting, automated social distancing alerting and mask detection. Pricing for video analytics will be provided based on a client’s specific need on a case-by-case basis.

Automated People Counter

Unprecedented times have called for unprecedented actions, including the need for regulated numbers of clients in the retail environment. Many larger retailers are employing ‘crowd control’ measures, Hills is pleased to present the HillsTrak Automated People Counter solution. The number of customers entering and leaving a facility is automatically tracked and displayed on a dashboard that can be monitored via the facility operation centre, or on a mobile device held by a staff member.

When a pre-defined percentage of the critical number of customers is reached, an alert is provided by the system. This will allow the facility to deploy staff required to the entry/exit, to monitor customer traffic. If the critical number is reached, and an escalated alert will be provided. Not only does this solution negate the need for staff to monitor the entry/exit on a full-time basis, (increasing both staffing cost and potential health risk to staff) it also provides an
audit trail for the facility, which can be provided if any regulatory queries or issues arise.

Contactless Access Control

Signo from Global leader HID sets a new benchmark in access control.

HID have simplified access control while still offering an effective solution that is technologically superior.

HID Signo is the perfect choice for those looking to make the transition to a secure authentication technology. HID Signo readers include remote management which allow readers to be connected and managed without ever needing to physically touch each device. This ensures your system can be reconfigured quickly and simply to accommodate any new requirements or threat.

HID Signo is secure, advanced, and versatile – The all in one reader that’s perfect for any situation.


Key Features

  • Supports a wide range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access® via native Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Ultra-secure storage of cryptographic keys on certified hardware
  • A new surface detection feature that enables the reader to automatically recalibrate and optimise read range.
  • Out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP)
  • Supports iCLASS Elite™ and Corporate 1000 Programs

Waterproof for robust outdoor performance with an IP65 rating

Asset Management

Position your business for the future with HillsTrak – a secure, easy-to-use asset management solution for complete tracking & traceability of assets. In Today’s climate our office environments have become disparate with all or some employees working from home. Because of this, our assets such as computers, accessories and other equipment have been borrowed and taken home so employees can continue their job in isolation. Therefore it is important we track and monitor these items as a way to not lose them.


Key Features 


Can be deployed to single or multiple sites, nworkers, assets or vehicles across multiple entities & divisions.

Easy to Use 

Clean screen design, intuitive navigation, predictive data-entry, minimal keystrokes and powerful search capabilities mean that data entry is simple & work tasks are managed efficiently.

Easy to Integrate

HillsTrak readily integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems for greater visibility & automation across the business.

Personalised Reporting/ Operational Views
Segregate & structure asset data to suit governance requirements, business rules, operational & financial structures. Operational views are flexible & can be arranged in hierarchies across multiple levels within the same database.

Interactive Dashboards 

Dashboards may be configured for individual staff members or applied to staff role types, can be populated with company news feeds, standard operating procedures or operational charts & tables.

Easy to Integrate

HillsTrak readily integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems for greater visibility & automation across the business.

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