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Contactless Access Control

Cyber Security risk

HID Signo is the perfect choice for those looking to make the transition to a secure authentication technology. HID Signo readers include remote management which allow readers to be connected and managed without ever needing to physically touch each device. This ensures your system can be reconfigured quickly and simply to accommodate any new requirements or threat.

HID Signo is secure, advanced, and versatile – The all in one reader that’s perfect for any situation.

Automated People Counter and Fever Detection

Cisco Small Business

Unprecedented times have called for unprecedented actions, including the need for regulated numbers of clients in the retail environment. Many larger retailers are employing ‘crowd control’ measures. Hills have created a customisable system for fever monitoring and people counting. These solutions combined with access control measures create a strong solution for todays COVID-19 climate.


Your instant office

digital transformation

The Cisco Webex Desk Pro brings cognitive collaboration to the desk. Collaborate, co-create, and annotate on an interactive, touch-redirect, 4K display.