COVID-19 Solutions

Contactless Access Control

HID Signo is the perfect choice for those looking to make the transition to a secure authentication technology. HID Signo readers include remote management which allow readers to be connected and managed without ever needing to physically touch each device. This ensures your system can be reconfigured quickly and simply to accommodate any new requirements or threat.

HID Signo is secure, advanced, and versatile – The all in one reader that’s perfect for any situation.

Automated People Counter and Fever Detection

Unprecedented times have called for unprecedented actions, including the need for regulated numbers of clients in the retail environment. Many larger retailers are employing ‘crowd control’ measures. Hills have created a customisable system for fever monitoring and people counting. These solutions combined with access control measures create a strong solution for today’s COVID-19 climate.


Asset Management

 In Today’s climate our office environments have become disparate with all or some employees working from home. Because of this, our assets such as computers, accessories and other equipment have been borrowed and taken home so employees can continue their job in isolation. Therefore it is important we track and monitor these items as a way to not lose them.

Multibiz Solutions

Multibiz offers a multitude of different services.

Giving us the ability to create in-depth solutions for your business needs.

Hardware Services

Multibiz Solutions have worked for over 20 years supplying, designing and auditing hardware solutions with all major vendors.

Business Consulting

Talk to us today to find your business needs. Improve your processes for a boost in productivity.

Software Solutions

Finding the right piece of software for your needs by providing expert advice and support.

VoIP Solutions

Each system is customised to the customer’s requirements for example; Single-site, multi-site, reception, sales etc. Quality VoIP Phone Systems and line with very cost-effective rates all managed in the background

Intelligent CCTV

Without needing to be monitored, Intelligent CCTV will notify you when an anomaly occurs using facial, license plate and object tracking.

Location Based-Software

The location-based solution, SISO, monitors and warns based on the locations of people in your work-site. For example, someone entering an area with sensitive data

Graphic Design

Multibiz can refresh your company branding, produce marketing collateral, or build a digital presence

Virtual Reality

VR within business allows for complete immersion, better visualisations and simulations.

Multibiz Experience

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