Network Solutions

Designing agile, fluid IT infrastructure and operations

Everything related to, connected to and included in the network environment

The architecture of your network is the backbone of the majority of your business processors, therefore, at Multibiz we look at your business holistically.  Everything from your business processors, objectives, challenges and the environment. The ability to improve network performance increases with the evolution of switches and routers.

Just as every business is unique so are the solutions required. We believe in the importance of dealing with people who technically understand the products. We work directly with major vendors, allowing us to utilise their knowledge and technical services on top of our own.

We work with you to deliver a comprehensive outcome without being lost within a large vendor.

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Looking at and considering current designs in a structure that best suits your business and its operations. Ensuring stability and efficiency based on best practices.


In the initial stages of consultations, we understand your requirements and objectives.


We then begin to design the architecture of your network and consider the possible solutions for your needs.


The final stage of consulting is a detailed design of the options for your needs. This followed by negotiations with vendors for special pricing and implementation if required. 

VoIP Systems

Whether upgrading due to NBN or just wanting a better system, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Apart from phones, there is no need for additional costly hardware and the management of that. Our managed VoIP system offerings take the worry away and will let you concentrate on using your phones for business. Each system is customized to the customer’s requirements for example; Single-site, multi-site, reception, sales etc. Quality VoIP Phone systems and lines with very cost-effective rates all managed in the background.

Talk to us today about how VoIP can help your business and cut you free of those expensive bills.


Intelligent CCTV

Intelligent CCTV is a network solution we offer in conjunction with Luxriot. Their software combines with network camera’s to monitor and notify you of changes happening in your business. We offer facial recognition, licence plate recognition, object tracking and the ability to have notifications sent to your phone.

Personalised Services For Every Kind of Need

We work with you to find the best storage solutions to fit your requirements, needs and current environment.

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Performance leadership to drive business results

Performance leadership to drive business results

HPE ProLiant servers provide customers with proven building blocks to accelerate digital transformation and offer validated solutions matched to the customer’s demanding workload needs. HPE ProLiant is built upon HPE’s demonstrated leadership in server quality, standards compliance, rigorous hardware validation testing, and performance.

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