About Us

Since 1991

Multibiz offer end-to-end solutions to protect not only your network but also your physical environment.

MultiBiz Technologies and Solutions have been established since 1991. Dealing with a broad range of Small, Medium, Corporate and Enterprise companies’ supplying IT Solutions & Technology. Having worked with diverse clients across Australia we can provide a full range of services. We use design and architecture, analytical, computing, networking and communications solutions, to better understand the unique requirements of all companies.

We have always been a smart add-on or addition-to company either working with or complimenting existing IT sections and environments, filling in the specialised areas for a specific product such as HP, Cisco, virtualization, Networking and Storage etc.

Although working predominantly in the hardware design and supply area since conception in 1991, we also work in the Business & Operational Intelligence arena and have done since 2011. We specialize in this area with a team of specialists, which includes Data Architects, Data Specialists, Mobility and Desktop Apps, Accountants and Splunk Technical Engineers.

Now the digital age is effecting all businesses, we are here to help and consult with businesses to work out how to identify and integrate the technologies that each individual business requires.