Accelerate Your Data-First Modernisation from Edge to Cloud with HPE Alletra

Business data has never been more valuable. Data can speed up innovation, boost customer experience, and increase operational efficiency. Data innovation necessitates a shift in the application environment and brings complexities of installing and managing infrastructure.

Cloud computing provides on-demand access, elastic resources, and service fees depending on usage. “Cloud everywhere” helps companies stay competitive. However, without a cloud strategy, businesses are forced to manage, upgrade, and tune on-premise, edge, and cloud storage in separate silos.

The rise of the distributed organisation

A distributed organisation goes beyond the usual location-centric company where employees and customers are geographically dispersed due to changing working and travel circumstances. It comprises central office space, localised information technology staff, and networking capabilities. It may also include several other remote or branch sites with few or no IT staff, fluctuating levels of demand and varying degrees of scalability.

Adopting a distributed business strategy necessitates investments in both technology and employees. Enterprise-grade security, SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network), and cloud computing are examples of technological investments.

Traditional storage

Traditional storage systems are well-suited for dealing with structured data. However, due to the complex and fast-moving nature and large volumes of unstructured data, organisations must devise other techniques to reach the intended business goals.

Humans and IoT devices create millions of petabytes of data each year. Data is available in an expanding number of formats and from an increasing number of sources. Because of the data size, complexity, and speed, traditional data storage systems are under unprecedented strain:

  • Size – Petabytes are the unit of measurement for big data. Traditional data storage systems can manage vast amounts of data in theory, but when delivering the essential efficiency and insights, they often fall short.
  • Complexity – Big data is unstructured and is available in a variety of formats. Standard storage solutions are ineffective for coping with massive data because they cannot efficiently classify it. 
  • Speed – Big data’s magnitude grows relatively quickly, and real-time analysis is typically necessary. Traditional storage systems are not designed to manage such fast data flow.

HPE Alletra

HPE Alletra is a cloud-native data infrastructure powered by the HPE GreenLake platform that provides a cloud operating and consumption experience wherever data resides. HPE Alletra spans workload-optimised systems to give architectural flexibility without the complexity of conventional storage management. HPE Alletra unlocks the full power of hybrid clouds by mobilising data across clouds.


HPE Alletra is powered by HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced infrastructure AI. HPE Alletra leverages cloud-based machine learning to forecast and prevent storage and virtual machine difficulties. AI-driven suggestions improve performance, availability, resource allocation, and planning.


HPE Alletra integrates with HPE GreenLake. This unifies workload-optimised on-premises and cloud systems. Each application will have the same agility and simplicity from edge to cloud. Deploy, provision, manage, and increase storage in 99% less time with a platform that installs in minutes, automates provisioning, and updates transparently.


Storage as a service reduces infrastructure costs, minimises overprovisioning, and can scale to meet business demands rapidly. Through HPE GreenLake, organisations can use HPE Alletra as a pay-per-use, scalable service or have it managed for a turnkey solution.

Multi-cloud experiences wherever your data lives

Several significant technological developments are impacting the IT sector and are closely aligned with the HPE GreenLake platform offering.

The edge is generating new data sources. Businesses require a secure connection to enable remote workforces and provide digital experiences to stakeholders.

The world is hybrid. Businesses increasingly expect to enjoy a cloud experience regardless of where their workloads reside. Consequently, there is an increasing need for multi-cloud experiences, including clouds that reside on-premises, at the edge, in colocation facilities, or in a public cloud.

Companies intending to capitalise on these possibilities via an agile-as-a-service consumption model increasingly turn to HPE GreenLake as their platform of choice.


To provide the cloud experience to every workload, a new approach to data infrastructure is required—one that is cloud-native by design. Cloud-native is purpose-built for cloud operations and consumption from edge to cloud, using the benefits of the cloud computing delivery model and ensuring IT resources are always-on and immediately accessible. Cloud-native data architecture is intelligent, simple to operate, and available as a service to answer any demand immediately.

Businesses can run any application, from traditional to modern, with cloud-native power without the restrictions of traditional storage management. Barriers are broken down by providing seamless data access and a uniform experience that optimises resources across on-premise infrastructure and the public cloud.

Traditional hybrid cloud implementations are complex and siloed. HPE Alletra enables cloud operation and consumption wherever data sits. HPE Alletra spans workload-optimised systems for architectural flexibility without typical storage management complexity. HPE Alletra unlocks the full power of your hybrid cloud by moving data between clouds. We, as your IT partner, can help you explore how HPE Alletra can benefit your business.