Digital Transformation Use Cases in Australia and Abroad

Digital Transformation Use Cases in Australia and Abroad


Many in IT view digital transformation as the process of replacing legacy and “traditional” methods, tools and infrastructure with digital alternatives. While this isn’t wrong, it’s much more than this. Digital transformation occurs when organisations integrate various technologies across their operations to achieve fundamental change. Digital transformation offers increased productivity, higher corporate agility, and the creation of additional value for employees and customers alike. The journey itself can be challenging and require a shift, not just in technology, but in mindset, re-architecting operations and changing people’s outlooks. To harness the full power of digital transformation, business needs to rethink every aspect of their organisation. This isn’t to say that the process must be undertaken quickly or in a single stride.

Accelerated by COVID-19, digital transformation is driving personalised customer experiences, greater operational efficiency and innovation across the organisation. Transformation is coming in shorter waves and executives are realising the opportunity it offers to the whole company.

Below, we explore several successful digital transformation examples from Australia and around the world.

Australian digital transformation use cases

RMIT University

RMIT is currently redesigning its student services in anticipation of the transfer of 95,000 students from on-campus to online education. The digital transformation has enabled the university to scale and address the challenges posed by an expanding number of research applications. The organisation is powered by HPE 3PAR storage, HPE StoreOnce, and HPE GreenLake Cloud Services to achieve its digital transformation goals.


PetSure insures the beloved pets of half a million Australians. When PetSure’s agents failed to offer quality and timely services, the firm rebuilt its IT foundation from the bottom up, ensuring 99.9999% data availability and giving claims evaluations in minutes. The cornerstone of the company’s digital services is HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, HPE InfoSight, VMware, and VMware Horizon.

Royal Agricultural Society of Australia

Sydney Showground is the commercial events arm of the Royal Agricultural Society, an NFP supporting agricultural development and rural communities. When it faced strong competition from newer government stadiums, the organisation reached out to HPE Pointnext Services and Aruba to integrate WiFi and support new technologies. With their new capabilities, Sydney Showground is projected to increase revenue by up to 40% over the next ten years, enhance customer service, and provide $600-700 million AUD in economic benefit for the state.


SpecSavers provides eye tests, glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Aside from standard eyecare, the company offers an AI solution that assists clients in browsing online for glasses and in-store eye scanning equipment that may identify significant eye illnesses. The company is implementing a digital transformation to offer flexibility, security, and performance through IT services. SpecSavers collaborated with HPE to implement HPE GreenLake, a consumption-based IT model, that permits expansion without incurring upfront technological costs.


The CyberHound section of Superloop focuses on K12 network connectivity and security. CyberHound collaborated with HPE OEM to make their solution available as an appliance on HPE ProLiant servers. With HPE’s marketing and hardware assistance, the company is seeing substantial growth, allowing developers to focus on the solution rather than the hardware, safeguarding children and assisting school administrators in identifying behavioural hazards.

Plastic Wax

Plastic Wax encourages innovation by mixing gaming and graphics technologies with cinema. They have a goal to become a world-renowned independent production studio that pushes the boundaries of creativity by leveraging gaming and rendering technology and fusing it with the art of film. This involves a complex production pipeline, involving hundreds of terabytes in simulation, 3D assets, and high-res image files. They required an intelligent data platform to enable them to create without boundaries.

Plastic Wax now leverages HPE Nimble, HPE Infosight, and HPE Timeless Storage which have allowed them to create ground-breaking content that attracts new customers whilst saving money in the production pipeline through efficient data management.

Carnegie Clean Energy

Carnegie Clean Energy started using supercomputers to investigate cost-effective energy production methods from untapped, renewable sources. Collaborating with the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Kensington, Western Australia, they gained access to the HPE Cray Magnus (a petascale supercomputer). This will enable the company to supply emissions-free, sustainable, and scalable energy, with the potential to produce 5x the amount of energy our world requires.

International digital transformation use cases

Switzerland: Skyguide

Skyguide allows 1 million aircrafts to fly safely over Swiss airspace, which is growing at a rate of 10-20 percent per year. Skyguide incorporates HPE GreenLake and VMware as part of its digital transformation initiatives to strengthen its air traffic management capabilities with real-time flight and atmospheric data controlled by an internal cloud that distributes data as a service, enabling growth whilst controlling costs.

Arizona, USA: Yuma County

Yuma County IT Services implemented new and innovative concepts to improve its inhabitants’ health, safety, and mobility. The county improves budgeting, resource allocation, and capacity planning by incorporating the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud technology as part of its digital transformation initiatives. The county has expanded its IT service to meet fluctuating service requirements and maintain on-premises management while providing comprehensive cloud support.

Italy: Istituto De Angeli

Istituto de Angeli is a top pharmaceutical manufacturer in Italy. The facility runs in three shifts, five to seven days per week, and produces an average of 350,000 SKUs per day. To meet demand, we need to have everything running without disruption. it’s so critical for the facility to have a reliable infrastructure in place to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. This meant replacing their infrastructure with a more secure, reliable, and high-performing solution. Using HPE Synergy, HPE 3PAR, and HPE OneView, the company improved Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) systems for increased quality control, enabling precise, 24×7 control of their WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), and maximised production efficiency of 500 SKUs for quicker product delivery.

Turkey: Migros

Migros is one of Turkey’s major grocery chains, with over 2,200 locations, an estimated 160 million customers, and over 45,000 employees. During the pandemic, the grocery chain replaced its traditional storage server system with HPE SimpliVity for ease of management, automated virtualisation, and continuous growth. Migros can now set up 700 virtual desktops in 12 minutes, boosting remote-working capabilities while reducing IT operating costs by 50% and energy consumption by 70%. HPE has allowed Migros to reduce virtual environment backup durations from days to less than an hour.


The use cases above have demonstrated where HPE-fuelled digital transformation has resulted in outstanding business benefits. Contact us today to explore how we, as your IT partner, can help you implement the right technologies to achieve similar results for your business.